Bangladesh Soft is a custom software company in Bangladesh . It started as a start-up software outsourcing company in 2012 and it became a limited company in 2015 and have been growing every year. It finds technical solutions for the clients. Typically this would mean it builds software products for the clients, but sometime it would be doing something completely different like researching business data or setting up their firewall.

It has a group of designers, engineers and content specialists. Together they form one of the leading custom software companies in Bangladesh for software development outsourcing. It offers software and content management services to international customers across multiple industries. It understands the challenges that its customers face within and across these industries. It provides practical, pragmatic and powerful solutions to address those challenges. Getting software out to its users is the single goal that drives Bangladesh Soft. It’s mix of skills and talent means it has everything to meet that goal in one place. Design, development, content, testing, deployment and anything in between those clearly defined roles –Bangladesh soft cover it all.

Bangladesh Soft is located in Paltan, Dhaka. With a floor space of about 1800-sq. ft., Bangladesh Soft is equipped with a sound infrastructure, which is capable of supporting a modern software house.

The company is working on different projects for customized application development for different Government organization and corporate houses. These projects are done in both desktop and web based applications as the requirement of project / solutions and uses patterns. In some cases, we offer hybrid solutions with mixtures of both the applications. In this application development service, we have clearly following latest practices of project management. We have also adapted a software development life cycle which is suitable and applicable in context of Bangladesh.